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  • Epsilon Upsilon Update

    There are a large number of alumni working with a dedicated group of under graduates to bring Theta Chi back to CMU.  There are several steps involved in process:

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Epsilon Upsilon Update


1-The under graduates need to have 10 solid brothers, that will be a positive impact - currently they believe they have at least 10 men.

2-Then the under graduates are asked to send in a petition with a $60 fee per person. Once this is approved then the under graduates are given their pins and are required to fill in their constitution and CMU is contacted about our interest group.  Maximum of 18 months from the day the petition is approved the chapter will reinstalled.

3-Then the under graduates begin their recruiting process. They need to meet the average size of all greek life on campus + 1 to be above average.

4-Each member needs a minimum of 2.5 GPA, 10 hours of community service, and be a participant in a student organization.
This will recognize us as a colony.

5-National will be visiting every few months to stay with us and meet with the Greek board personally.

Help defer the expenses of re-establishing Epsilon Upsilon at CMU by donating today.

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